I have been sending emails to Megaworld Corp prior to turnover date but since they have an 8month grace period to turn-over, I waited for their notification per advice. Then just a few days after the 8 month grace period they notified me that they have been sending snail mail to me.

I notified my previous company where the snail mail where suppose to be directed but they could not find any.But my point is, at the first sign that I did not respond, they should have called me or email me since they still have my number and email. Then they send me penalty charges since the month that have passed based on their claim that they sent me notifications already.

Too much charges where added resulting to almost repaying again the pre-selling amount of 1M+ PHP. This is very inhuman.

Monetary Loss: $26000.

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I'm an agent who works outside the Philippines, and I was looking into marketing for Megaworld. I've been loaded with other projects, but I had a gut feeling not to market Megaworld projects anyway. I've seen enough complaints on this site and elsewhere to feel that dissatisfaction was greater than being the exceptions.



If you have had a similar experience with Megaworld. please email me at iratemegaworldcustomer@gmail.com. I am hoping a collective complaint against this scam of miscalculating and then charging penalties for their stupidity will have more concrete results, maybe through legal actions. I have a friend who is a lawyer, and i need help with documenting Megaworld's scam to make a case.


Makati, Manila, Philippines #771384

Hello, i am also interested what happened to your case. I already lost a huge amount of money on a Megaworld unit because of the incompetency of their AMD.

Do you know of any agency that can help us file and make Megaworld act on a complaint? I have heard mention of HLURB but their web site does not seem to have a page for complaints, but maybe i have not searched thoroughly.

Hope we could share info because that seems to be Megaworld's strategy - ignore you even if they were the ones at fault, and just charge you with additional penalty month after month until you just give in from frustration


Has anything happened to your case since April? I have major concerns with megaworld myself and stand to lose a similar amount as you.

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