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When we purchased a property through Megaworld, we have informed the sales agent that the main thing we want to do is have it rented out through AirBnb as we don't live in the Philippines. This would be an investment home.

We were only asked to sign a sample computation form (attached - signatures deleted) and the buyer's information form. It took Megaworld 3 months to draft the Sale and Purchase Agreement which we did not sign as there were a lot of clauses in the contract we did not agree to as before we put in the reservation fee we asked the agent if this or that is possible or not and we told all lies from the very beginning. We were asked to pay the 5% DP and HO and 1st amortization fee even though we have not even signed the contract. It takes weeks for the Le Grand staff to even revert back to us and we were endorsed to one person after the other who can't even assist us at all.

Therefore, we have decided to just get the money back as we sick of this nightmare. And as usual, no one from Megaworld is responding back. It's a big big nightmare. We don't know how to get back the 400k Php we have paid!!!

Such an utter disappointment. We completely understand that the 25,000/- reservation fee is non refundable therefore we were just asking them to refund us back the 5% (Php 412,190/-) and the Php 24,288.33 (1st month amortization). They don't even have the decency to reply back to you and they just keep stringing you along. Never ever purchase a property from Megaworld.

Beware of them! They are scammers and will bleed you dry!

Product or Service Mentioned: Megaworld Home Buying.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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It is indeed their strategy to get the downpayment before we can read the terms and conditions on the contract. That way, many will backout and Megaworld will be richer because of the downpayments which will not be refunded back to buyers who disagree with the contract terms.


I also refused to sign the contract which was clearly one sided all in Megaworld's favor. I still have it here. Now they are harassing me about the balance when they do not even have a Title to give me

to Anonymous #1521751

I did the exact same thing you did. I refused to sign the one sided contract and it's still with me too. And they are also threatening me with penalties because I refuse to pay the balance since I will not be getting a Title.

to Anonymous #1521753

Is it ok I contact you? We need a strategy to fight this.


i saw your post I think I will be in the same position


I would like to invite you to the newly created FB Page:

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