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1. Delivered quality in my unit is bad!

2. Even the delivery time takes almost 2 years.

3. My unit was mistakenly opened and started drilling aluminum (maybe for drop ceiling), without giving to them my key. I found out that they mistakenly open my unit, they thought it is the same building which is Parkview 1(which is Parkview 2).

4. Hallways up to now is incomplete, most of the floors has no number which creates (as of Jan 19, 2013), tiles is bulging, baseboards repair is bad and elevator always has a problem.

5. Preventive maintenance of 4 elevators need to stop for 8 hours, so any emergency you need to go down in the exit stair.

Please visit their existing units and other products of their sister company before buying.

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If you have a problem with your unit and the admin is not taking any action on this, post a big sign on your window e.g. "Unit is Leaking, HELP!!" this will distract passersby and other buyer.

The admin for sure will take action on your problem. A bunch of people complained to Raffy Tulfo las August after the Habagat and still no action from Megaworld.

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