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1. Empty promises, unethical behavior to get you sign on the purchasing sheet.

what happened to me: the sales officer guaranteed me no issue with getting housing loan, they will arrange that for me. What actually happened, My housing loan applications rejected by bank for the reasons which I've raised with the sales officer.

Recovery action? yes, the sales officer told me I need to secure the loan myself or I will be imposed of late payment penalty if I cant settle the payment on time.

2. Official Receipts- After reaching an agreement with MV, I'm starting to pay the installments. I thought that's the end of the hustle, but that is just the beginning of the nightmare. 3 payment receipts failed to deliver to me on time. As of writing, its been already 4 months since the escalations and i'm still waiting for the official receipts to be deliver to me.

3. Buy and sell contract. Yes, you heard it right.. I've starting to pay the monthly installment but I have not receive the buy and sell contract. Again, no one shows interest in my escalations. I can't see how they value their investors and honestly, and I highly doubt if there are any return investors. At least not me.

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Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines #908509

Lucky me, I did not experienced this with my Megaworld unit. I made sure to go ahead of them, I always call their customer service and follow up the things I need. I guess it's just a matter following up.

Have you tried contacting them through: 8678826?

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